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Web celebrity city 2019 review: trill, tencent, youku who brought the coquettish

Date: 2020-01-06

Web celebrity city has gradually become the mobile Internet in the context of city, but for bearing the label of the Internet giants, web celebrity city behind more contains the penetration of the Internet to this vast city system...

Over the past few years, the domestic and even the world, there were some web celebrity spots even web celebrity city, and the heat wave is derived, which is in the global scope of fire so short video.With the aid of these hot short video applications for teenagers, some scenic spots and urban rapid leap up is red, attracted many visitors clock...

Although with the help of the Internet to build and strengthen the city brand is not fresh, but can such as intuitive and has a short video is indeed unprecedented impact;But at the same time, a lot of people are likely to feel that, in the past 2019 years, web celebrity prestige of the city seems to be a lot of "weak", as in 2017 and 2018, xi 'an, chongqing and chengdu city web celebrity burst phenomenon in the past more than a year didn't seem to see, so what has happened here?

Might try to see from the dimension of the Internet platform web celebrity city in 2019 experienced a what kind of change.

Tik Tok changing city

After the novelty left?

In 2019, according to one of the most popular domestic tourist city is chongqing, wuhan, chengdu, hangzhou, xian, Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, nanjing, and among them, chongqing, xian, etc is the web celebrity city landmark of the city for two years.

What is a web celebrity city?Mention web celebrity city, many people think of xi 'an fell bowl of wine, xiamen, chongqing light rail wear floor Turkish ice cream...These or cultural traditions, or artificial landscape, through the use of short video that one of the most penetrating quickly let the city's brand is not the same color, also makes the web celebrity city fast, cause huge amounts of visitors.

But in 2019, was once hot bowl of wine, the magic of the subway phenomenon such as level of short video seems to be "cold" some, after all, after the novelty, how to keep the city brand more lasting appeal is not only a subject of city managers, is also a trill as a big test of the national level application.

Read, focus on the entertainment king trill in the past the 2019 launch of the "platform + city" the sustainability of the activities, also is shaking inCity city better life section - since April 2019, section "shake inCity city better life" has swept across hangzhou, chengdu, xian, zhengzhou, wuhan, Shanghai, Qingdao, and other cities, we have learned, shaking the inCity field will lure tens of thousands of people in the media field offline carnival clock in, online # shaking inCity good life section series topic always playback volume billions, thumb up 480 million +.

So, although web celebrity city heat on the surface looks cooled, but represented by trill short video application has indeed become the best bridge between urban brand and netizens - and the emergence of the bridge, also gives trill in the commercial development of infinite possibility.

Compared with giants such as tencent, ali, of course, trill and bytes to beat to urban resources for or are "light", this aspect shows the shackles of bytes to beat as emerging giants, but also can be seen as there is no burden and burden to the battle - 2020, trill and what kind of story will happen between the two cities, dry eye and thought.

City is drama

If there is a short video made high-profile web celebrity city, then in 2019 a costume piece also go through another path to web celebrity road of the city.

Summer, youku launch 12 "changan", although before dispersing pertains is very low-key, but after the premiere show hot cut quickly, by MSC, watercress score over 240000 users, score of 8.5 points, both coverage and reputation, are the best contender for the best series in 2019 - but is the best in the show more not for viewing, but in the show and the strong correlation between web celebrity city.

It is understood that because of 12 "changan", xi 'an once again become the focus of web celebrity cities.According to the flying pigs, according to data of xi 'an tourism week booking volume rose 27% year-on-year, the palace national park, datang furong garden, shaanxi history museum and other places into hot to clock out.And backed by the advantage of ali, also makes the show ability to take the goods have been highlighted: taobao, according to the online play, after fire crystal persimmon searches a spate of 2127%;According to hungry? Figures, birdbath mutton orders rose 11% from across the country, including in the Beijing area rose jumped 133%.

That is to say, the show not only boost the tourists, but also promote the sales of local products, youku or recreational and ali and magical reached a strong relation between the city brand.

But the pattern of "changan from birth" how to "copy" may be a need to make a question, after all, can blend in urban culture and show, and also is very good-looking, but also can be in the market, and is on the basis of power need some luck, but youku "changan from birth" mode for many cities also has a strong reference, access between the IP and carry through culture, for many of the city managers, is also a strong demand.

Big tencent, xinwen and web celebrity city

In early 2019, tencent penguin, king penguin festival in 2018, a new online platform and content of enterprise group (PCG) officially launched "Chinese city brand plan" also officially launched at the scene of the activity, at present, tianjin, chengdu, nanjing, wuhan, fuzhou, Hohhot, Qingdao, suzhou, xiamen, guilin, tangshan joined the program.

A year later, now review the conference and city brand plan, it should be "paper will sleep shallow" sound, as a location for content service platform number of penguins in the wave of web celebrity city doesn't play a proper synergies - and on and the correlation of urban brand, tencent xinwen and carrying more of the mission.

Highlight in yunnan province.Learned, tencent x yunnan xinwen brigade xinwen shaping and marketing programs, and the IP of the tencent company 2019 annual marketing breakthrough award, in the past years, based on yunnan xinwen brigade IP strategic partnership, landing "our" southwest 14 xinwen and projects;The first national provincial brigade IP image "cloud" of yunnan;Build singing CD tea wen gen goods such as...